Silver Tips White Tea from Eranga’s Farm

On the evening of October 14th, my journey through the world of tea tasting returned me to the Uva region of Sri Lanka. Though this time it is not the famous black teas of the region that bring me here, it is a Silver Tips white tea from the farm of a man that is both a business contact and what I consider to be my friend.

I am waiting for additional information on the farm and location. Once I have that information, I will update this post.

The sample pack has been opened, and the look of this tea screams high quality. Silver buds, silver buds, and more silver buds. Let the journey begin…


The dry leaves of this Silver Tips white tea are not leaves at all, it is 100% silver buds. Perfectly uniform size of about 1 inch (25 mm) and needle shape. Almost zero breakage and no crumbs whatsoever. Buds are covered with downy-like hairs. The aroma of these buds is sweet, delicate, and honey like. These buds are honestly pristine.

The standard method of preparation was used for this sampling. Filtered tap water was heated to 175ºF (80ºC). Fifteen grams of dry tea was placed in a 32 ounce (950 ml) glass teapot. The tea buds were infused for 2 minutes. The liquor was strained into a separate decantor.


The first infusion produced a liquor that was a brilliant, perfectly clean and transparent, pale light yellow in color. The aroma is delicate and lightly floral (honeysuckle?). The body is light and delicate, with a very unique texture. The taste is delicate, with notes of floral (honeysuckle) honeydew melon. The aftertaste is also delicate and floral, and within a few seconds develops a slight honeydew taste. This tea is how white tea should be. Very impressive.


The second infusion produced a liquor that was slightly darker than the first infusion, maintaining a brilliant, bright, clean, pale light yellow in color. The aroma is slightly stronger than the first infusion, having a delicate floral scent. The taste and body are nearly identical to the first infusion, remaining delicate with floral and honeydew notes. Aftertaste remains light and floral. No diminishment in quality whatsoever.


The third infusion produced a liquor that was slightly darker than the second infusion, maintaining a bright, clean, pale light yellow color. The aroma is slightly lighter than the second infusion, but remains delicate and floral. The taste is very slightly lighter than the second infusion, but still full of taste. The taste remains delicate, floral, and slightly fruity (honeydew). The aftertaste remains light and floral. Very good quality liquor for a third infusion of a white tea. I expect a fourth and maybe even a fifth infusion to produce an acceptable flavor.


The infused buds of this Silver Tips white tea are dull green turning to brown in color. The buds are fairly uniform in size and length, averaging just over one inch (25 mm) in length. There is very little breakage, and 99% of the tea is fully intact buds. The smell of the buds is sweet (honey), and very pleasant. The buds feel quite durable, suggesting that an additional infusion or two is possible. Based on the taste of the third infusion, I can see a fifth infusion as a real possibility.

All things considered, this is a truly phenomenal white tea. Much care and effort was put into this tea’s production, and it shows in each sip. As I believe I said earlier, this tea is everything that a white tea should be. Delicate, clean, revitalizing. The production of this tea is very limited due to the size of the tea farm that it is grown on. I am very fortunate for having been given the chance to taste this exquisite tea. Many thanks to my friend, Eranga, for providing me with this sample. This tea is an instant favorite of mine.

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