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On November 27th, a sample of Organic Gunpowder Green Tea (XF13112/03) was evaluated to determine if it could be used as a replacement base tea for a Moroccan Mint blend. In my undying attempts to improve quality and control over sourcing, I requested samples of various gunpowder green teas from China. This particular sample was provided by the Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Industry Co. Ltd. Let the journey begin… The dry leaves have… Read More

Originally posted on The Official Blog for Hē Chá Tea:
Good News! Our second tea tasting event has been scheduled! This event will be held at the newly opened Spring Street Cafe on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The Spring Street Cafe is located at 100 E Spring Street, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, 16063. Seating is limited, and according to our last report, Spring Street Cafe is expecting thirty…

When I am talking about tea to people, they ask me many of the questions that are listed below. Thanks to Nicole Martin from the TeaForMePlease blog, now I have a reason to post the answers. Now when people ask me the same questions, I can just hand them my card with my blog URL on it, and tell them to find this post! Just kidding. Anyway, thank you to Nicole for… Read More

It seems that the more I talk to people about loose leaf tea, the more often they ask a question similar to “What teas can I try that will help me understand the difference between the various types?” I can tell people for hours the differences between black and green teas, sheng and shu puerh teas, or the various levels of oxidation in oolong teas that make them so vastly different, but… Read More

Here is another sample from Easy Tea Hard Choice, so you know it’s going to be good. This sample is an Organic Roasted Oolong from Mingjiang, Taiwan. Sadly, I do not have much information available on this specific tea. However, simply reading the name has me excited. Two words is all that it takes, “Roasted” and “Oolong” and that is all the information I need! The sample packet has been opened, and… Read More

Today, after about nine months of owning a kilogram of this great black tea, did I finally realize that I never actually did a review on it. The Supreme Yunnan Golden Snail Black Tea was among the first three teas that I had directly imported from China earlier this year. As I began to build an interest in the process of importing tea, I came across Vicony Teas. I remember the first time… Read More

Originally posted on The Official Blog for Hē Chá Tea:
We are happy to say that our first official tea tasting event was a great success! The tasting was conducted on Wednesday, November 6th of 2013, at the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The room that the tasting was conducted in was literally packed with guests, some who had to stand while enjoying the entire presentation. There…

Today’s tea tasting journey will focus on the Mount Chilai Original Oolong from Easy Tea Hard Choice Co. Ltd. As the name suggests, this tea is grown and hand-picked in the infamous Chilai Mountains in Hualien County, Taiwan. Tea artisan Mr. Lee Ming Zheng put much effort into this tea, and based on the look and smell of the dry leaves, his efforts paid off! The sample pack is open, and a… Read More

After an extremely busy three weeks of tea package labeling, canister filling, performing training sessions, and a week of cupping exercises for my most recent World Tea Academy course, I finally have a moment on a Monday morning to do a tea review. Today felt like a Darjeeling day, and what better package of samples to choose out of than that from Lochan Tea? On November 4th of 2013, my journey through… Read More

As part of the celebration of my wife and my fourth anniversary, we decided to have a high end night on the town in Pittsburgh. The plan was to hit the Capital Grille on Fifth Avenue for dinner, followed by a performance of symphonies by Russian composers Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff at Heinz Hall. Being an admirer of classical music, not only because there is much skill involved, but also because there are… Read More