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After the successful review of the Jin Xuan Milk Oolong from Teavivre, I have been highly motivated to dive in to the other samples. Although the Da Hong Pao Rock Wulong keeps calling me, the Yun Nan Dian Hong black tea is more appropriate for this early morning review. I have to give Teavivre credit on their website. They have a very helpful amount of information, complete with reviews, for each of… Read More

Originally posted on The Official Blog for Hē Chá Tea:
The focus of todays Hē Chá Tea Spotlight segment is our Traditional Masala Chai Black Tea. Traditional Masala Chai Dry Leaves Our Traditional Masala Chai is true to it’s name, traditional. How do we know that it’s a traditional recipe? We import this blended tea directly from Assam, India. Our source in India purchases the spices from neighboring communities and farmers. The spices…

As I returned to my daily profession on Friday, after two and half days of holiday celebration, I was comforted by the gift of an attractive silver package from Teavivre. Among these samples, Da Hong Pao Rock Wulong (Wuyi, China), Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (Alishan, Taiwan), Lu An Gua Pian Green (Anhui, China), Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green (Anhui, China), and Yunnan Dian Hong Black (Fengqing, China). I cannot think of… Read More

Today, I am going back in to my package of samples from the Ambadandegama (Amba) Estate, in the Uva province of Sri Lanka. After the high praise that the OP1 black tea from Amba earned from me in a previous review, I have been excited to get back to this box of samples. Although the vast majority of tea production in Sri Lanka is in the form of black tea, there are… Read More

Nicole Martin, tea writer and owner of the Tea For Me Please blog, has been generous enough to set some time aside to write a guest post for this blog. If you are familiar with tea related blogs, then certainly you have read some of Nicole’s articles before. Nicole has been tea blogging for much longer than I have, and has established an impressive reputation among the tea blogging community. Within the… Read More

Originally posted on The Official Blog for Hē Chá Tea:
Today’s Hē Chá Tea Spotlight focuses on our truly unique Earl Grey Prime black tea. Earl Grey Prime 1 Pound Canister Why do we say that our Earl Grey Prime is truly unique? We say that because Hē Chá Tea is the only brand in the United States that offers this specific blend! We are the first, and at the time of this…

Finding pleasure in Japanese green teas is somewhat of a new notion to me. Although I have had various green and black teas from Japan over the years, I cannot say that they were among my preferred varieties. That all changed in one evening about a month or so ago. My wife was out of town, and I had just put my son to bed. The circumstances were accommodating for a quiet… Read More

UPDATE: The Amba Estate Hand-Rolled GF OP1 Black Tea is now available at The Tea Journeyman Shop! Click Here to view and purchase this masterfully crafted Ceylon tea from the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. About two weeks ago, I received a beautiful package of samples from the Amba Estate. The Amba Estate is one of the few, if not only, estates in Sri Lanka that produces very high quality, hand plucked… Read More

Another exciting day, and another package of excellent and authentic Chinese tea from the Lin Family in Anxi County, Fujian Province, China. I have raved about the high quality Ti Kuan Yin that comes from the Lin family farm. In fact, that is the only Ti Kuan Yin that I buy for my personal supply, as I have not cared for most of the other Ti Kuan Yin oolongs that I have… Read More

Today, I decided to take a slightly different angle on reviews. Rather than focus on the characteristics of one tea over multiple infusions, I decided to focus on the difference between a Darjeeling First Flush tea and an Autumn Flush tea. Both of these teas are from the same estate in Darjeeling, India, the Makaibari Estate. As far as I know, these two teas are from the same bushes, same altitudes, and… Read More