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The focus of this review is the Golden Lion 2nd Flush 2014 Black Tea from Harmutty Tea Estate and Lochan Tea. The Harmutty Tea Estate is located in Upper Assam, and consists of 374 hectates (924 acres) of land. Harmutty Tea Estate was established in 1870, and is now owned by the highly recognized Goodricke Group and Stewart Holl Ltd. According to the Goodricke Group website, the estate was named after Queen… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Nonpareil Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea from TeaVivre. TeaVivre does many things well, like offering many varieties and grades of Chinese teas (and some Taiwan oolongs), being generous with offering samples, having competitive pricing, and reasonable shipping times. However, I think the best thing about TeaVivre is how much information on every single tea is provided on the website. Every tea that I… Read More

For a reason that I cannot seem to grasp, I have had a desire for Japanese and South Korean teas. Perhaps my somewhat limited experience with the products from these two nations, particularly South Korea, played a role in this desire. Although I have had most of the tea types that originate from Japan, I cannot say that I have the same level of knowledge as I have with Sri Lanka or… Read More

Yes, I know it is Autumn Flush season in Darjeeling, but I still have a few of the better quality second flush samples to review. Today’s review will focus on the Wonder Muscatel 2nd Flush 2014 Darjeeling Tea from the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. The Gopaldhara Tea Estate is located in the Mirik Valley. Gopaldhara Tea Estate boasts average elevations of 6,000 feet above sea level for sixty hectares of land, with the… Read More

Yesterday, I opened the nicely made gift box from Amba Estate in Uva Province, Sri Lanka. Today, I am trying the second hand-made artisanal tea product that the gift box contains, the Champagne White Tea Stars. Considering that I just reviewed another Amba Estate tea yesterday, I will spare you the monotony of covering that information again. There are two interesting things about the Champagne White Tea Stars, however. First of all,… Read More

Over the years, I have received a few samples that came in rather unique packaging, which I would consider as a collectible. I look at the packaging, and want to try its contents so badly, yet do not want to open it. That was certainly the case with this Gift Box from Amba Estate. For additional information on Amba Estate, click here to visit the informational page on The Tea Journeyman Shop… Read More

Originally posted on Honestly Foodie:
HONESTLY’S VERDICT In a word:  Refreshing Food:  A delicious healthy change Service:  Fantastic Presentation:   Simple, elegant, no frills Ambience:   Colonial calm Location:  A little tea plantation house on the top of a hill overlooking the vibrant green Sri Lankan hills as far as the eye can see Value for money:  Absolutely Worth a visit?:  Yes, please go a visit these guys, buy as much tea and jam as…

My friend DongQin in Quanzhou City, Anxi County, China was very generous in sending me fresh samples of her family’s TieGuanYin from the recent Autumn harvest at Xin Yuan Tea Garden. For those of you who have been following me for a while, the TieGuanYin from this specific garden is the only TieGuanYin that I keep stocked in my personal supply. I usually purchase a kilogram of the spring harvest and a… Read More