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Monthly Archives: December 2014

First of all, I would like to apologize for my lack of completed reviews over the past three weeks. The busy holiday season brought family and friends into town, and the usual surge in calls at my office. Also, the recent organization of my tea samples had me worried that I was running low on samples to review. Thankfully, I happened to open my box of samples from India and found one… Read More

Today’s review focuses on the SFTGFOP1 2nd Flush 2014 Tea from the Shakira Tea Estate in eastern Nepal. Formed in 2000 by a group of tea farmers, the Shakira Tea Estate is now known for the high quality orthodox teas that are produced there. Other than this basic information, I was not able to find much information on this estate. The sample packet has been opened, and a sweet, floral scent is… Read More

Here is a sample from Taiwan that has been put aside for too long. Today’s review will focus on the Medium Roast Dong Ding Oolong Tea from Mountain Tea Company, based in Nantou County, Taiwan. I have covered Mountain Tea Company in several previous posts, so I will spare you all the redundancy. The sample packet has been opened, and the classic roasty, robust scent of Dong Ding oolong is immediately recognizable. Let the… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Organic FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) Black Tea from the Poabs Organic Estate, located in the Nelliyampathy Hills, near the eastern border of the Kerala state of southern India. Poabs Organic Estate produces more than just tea, including organic coffee, pepper, and cardamom, among several other spices, vegetables, and fruits. Vanilla plant cultivation is also under development. Banana trees and orange trees can also be found… Read More

Over the past couple of years, there have been many retail tea companies that have appeared, my own included (Tea Journeyman Shop). It is interesting to observe the different strengths that each company has embraced, from beautiful and fully functional websites, to commitments of sourcing only wild or organic or ethically grown teas, to creating unique flavored and blended herbs and teas. However, few companies have embraced the traditional business strategy of… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Khima FTGFOP1 Wonder 2nd Flush Nepal Tea. The estate producing this tea is located in eastern Nepal, on the opposing hill slopes of the Thurbo Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. Sadly, aside from this basic description of where the factory is located, I am having a very difficult time finding other information on the Khima Tea Estate. If anyone reading this cares to share an informational… Read More