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Today, I will reviewing the Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea from TeaVivre. You can purchase 100 grams of this tea for USD $18.90 through the TeaVivre website. This Long Jing Green Tea was grown and harvested in April of 2017 in the famous district of XiHu (West Lake), Zhejiang province of China. Below is a map showing the general location of XiHu. Although Long Jing green teas are among the… Read More

Today, I will be focusing on the Spring 2017 harvest of Huang Shan Green Tea provided by TeaVivre. The TeaVivre website is among my favorite tea vendor sites because it provides so much interesting content on each of its products, including harvest information, garden information, history, etc. A website with this amount of information on each product is a great credit to the owner of the business, proving that they care about… Read More

What’s in my cup today (as the trendy marketing phrase goes)? Something unique and special from my favorite small tea farm in Thailand, The Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership.  Their website gives some interesting information on the history of this tea farm prior to the cultivation of tea, so check it out! There are also some nice photos in their gallery. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, also, where they regularly… Read More

Today, I will be focusing on an experimental product from the Arakai Estate in Bellthorpe, Australia. This is the Pan Roasted Premium Green Tea. This product is not currently being sold by Arakai Estate. I introduced the Arakai Estate in detail in my earlier review of their Spring Flush 2016 Premium Black Tea. Check out that review or their website to learn more about this young, yet ambitious and successful estate. Considering… Read More

Last week, I saw a social media post from Hankook Tea that sparked my excitement. Hankook Tea was the first brand of South Korean tea that I had ever experienced, and I have not had many others since (maybe one or two). I never quite forgot the experiences with the teas from this brand back in 2014. Here is a map showing the general location of Honam Tea Estate. Anyway, the social media… Read More

The first harvest of the spring season is not only an exciting time for tea lovers because of the famous Darjeeling first flush teas that hit the markets. Tea growers in Japan also have some highly prized first flush teas, which they refer to as “Shincha”, which translates in to English as “new tea”. This first flush of Japanese grown tea is transformed in to some bright, tasteful, umami-rich versions of sencha,… Read More

Here is a tea that I have been excited to review since receiving the package. Today, I have the time to give this high quality, beautiful tea the careful attention that it demands. This review will focus on the Organic Uji Gyokuro Gokou Green Tea from Yuuki-Cha. To view this tea at the Yuuki-Cha website, please click here. Yuuki-Cha sourced this gyokuro green tea from a JAS certified organic garden in Ujitawara,… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Azores Encosta De Bruma Premium Green Tea from What-Cha, sourced from the Gorreana Tea Estate. You may view this product at the What-Cha website by clicking here. The Azores are a group of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal. The Azores are considered an autonomous region consisting of nine islands. These islands have a subtropical climate, and are situated near the… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Organic Tezumi Teira Kamairicha Kanayamidori Green Tea from Yuuki-Cha. You may view this product at the Yuuki-Cha website by clicking here. One of the few remaining artisan Kamairicha green teas produced in Japan, this product is processed completely by hand. The leaves of the Kanayamidori cultivar tea bushes are hand-picked (Tezumi), and hand roasted (Teira), unlike the majority of Japanese Kamairicha green teas which are now… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Teuksun Green Tea from Hankook Tea, sourced from the Honam Tea Estates. The Honam Tea Estates are located on the southern tip of South Korea’s mainland. To view this tea at the Hankook Tea website, please click here. The leaves used to produce the Teuksun Green Tea are harvested around the first days of summer (Ibha), typically in the first week of May. This harvest consists… Read More