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Sometimes it can be a challenge to hold off on reviewing certain samples, but I do try to cycle through samples from different vendors for several reasons. This sample of Gamnong Jaksul Cha from Hankook Tea was definitely one of the samples that I had to practice some discipline in not tearing into as soon as I received it, and every day since. According to the Hankook Tea website, this Gamnong Jaksul… Read More

If you have not yet had an opportunity to taste South Korean teas, I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. Whether your preference for green teas lies in the Chinese styles or Japanese styles, the South Korean green teas fit somewhere in between its two neighboring styles. It may just be the perfect bridge between the Chinese and Japanese styles, offering both a touch of the savory, umami-like… Read More

Last week, I saw a social media post from Hankook Tea┬áthat sparked my excitement. Hankook Tea was the first brand of South Korean tea that I had ever experienced, and I have not had many others since (maybe one or two). I never quite forgot the experiences with the teas from this brand back in 2014. Here is a map showing the general location of Honam Tea Estate. Anyway, the social media… Read More

Today’s review will focus on the Teuksun Green Tea from Hankook Tea, sourced from the Honam Tea Estates. The Honam Tea Estates are located on the southern tip of South Korea’s mainland. To view this tea at the Hankook Tea website, please click here. The leaves used to produce the Teuksun Green Tea are harvested around the first days of summer (Ibha), typically in the first week of May. This harvest consists… Read More

Here is a tea that has caught my eye on many occasions, but just always seemed to get unfairly passed over in the sea of samples awaiting review. Today’s review will focus on the Hwang Cha Amber wulong tea from Hankook tea, sourced from the Honam Tea Estates in South Korea. To learn more about Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estates, visit Hankook Tea’s website here. This is the first tea that… Read More

Moving along through the samples of South Korean tea, courtesy of Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estates. Today’s review will focus on the Organic Jaksul Chut Mool Green Tea. This tea is certified organic by the USDA and Korea. For more information about Hankook Tea, visit their website here. The leaves of this Organic Jaksul Chut Mool are selected from both the first flush (Sejak) and second flush (Joongjak) harvests. The leaves… Read More

A Review of the Jaksul Gamnong Green Tea from Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estates in South Korea is Now Available.