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Today’s review will focus on another new Purple Tea product from JusTea. This is the Purple Mint Tea. It is a blend of purple tea leaves, spearmint and peppermint leaves, and rose petals. If you did not read my recent review of the Purple Leaf Tea from JusTea, which includes much more information on Purple Tea, and some special limited time offers from JusTea, go check it out now. Let’s get to… Read More

Hello, friends and past readers of my tea blog! I know, it has been a long time, nearly two years since my last tea review post. Time flies, life happens, and unfortunately some hobbies must be put on the back burner of priorities. However, my passion for tea certainly did not stop over the past two years. I have continued sampling, buying, and exploring teas from new vendors and estates. I have… Read More

This morning I needed a strong, full bodied tea to give me a boost after a night of minimal sleep. Looking through my current selection of samples, the Kangaita FOP Black Tea from the southern slopes of Mount Kenya certainly has the reputation of providing a rich, powerful taste. Let the journey begin… The dry leaves have a uniform dark brown to black color, with some copper color in the stems and… Read More

A short time ago, I reviewed the Fermented Purple Tea, considered more of a wulong style of tea due to partial oxidation. The Steamed Purple Tea is considered to be a green tea in terms of processing. This Steamed Purple Tea is also from the Kangaita Factory in Kirinyaga, on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. Let the journey begin… The dry leaves have a very dark purple to black color. The… Read More

Today’s review is a first in two aspects. This Hand-Rolled Fermented Purple Tea is the first “purple” tea that I have tasted. Technically, this tea is a wulong tea according to processing technique classification (semi-oxidized). Secondly, this will be the first tea infused in my new Kuro Sendan Tokoname teapot. This purple tea was produced in the Kangaita Factory in the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. Many people have not heard of… Read More

Continuing my tea tasting journey through the African continent, my next stop is at the Kangaita Tea Factory, in the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. I have ten samples of various green, black, and purple teas from this factory. The samples were provided by Dafina Tea Traders, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Kangaita Tea Factory sits on the equator, with coordinates of 0.5°S and 37.3°E. The altitude of the tea estates in the… Read More