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Today, I will be reviewing a tea sample that I have been holding on to, waiting for the right day and time to properly appreciate a truly high-end Darjeeling tea. Thankfully, that day has come. This sample is of the Avongrove Euphoria 2nd Flush 2017 from the Avongrove Tea Estate in the famed Darjeeling region of northern India. As many of you have heard, the political situation in Darjeeling has deteriorated over… Read More

There are many instances in life that leave you wishing that each day held more hours. If given an extra four hours a day, I am not one of those people who would allocate any of that additional time to my insurance career. Rather, I would spend that time with my son and wife. If that was not possible, then a good portion of those four hours would likely be spent slowly… Read More

The first harvest of the spring season is not only an exciting time for tea lovers because of the famous Darjeeling first flush teas that hit the markets. Tea growers in Japan also have some highly prized first flush teas, which they refer to as “Shincha”, which translates in to English as “new tea”. This first flush of Japanese grown tea is transformed in to some bright, tasteful, umami-rich versions of sencha,… Read More

One of the most difficult parts of my break from publishing tea reviews was the feeling of missing out on some of the best and freshest teas that were produced each season. This was particularly true when I saw the different flushes being produced from the Darjeeling and Nepal areas. The tea I am reviewing today comes from the Doke Tea Estate, located in Bihar, India. This estate is owned by the… Read More

It was difficult holding on to this sample for so long, but I do prefer to mix up the various types of samples that I have so I do not lose my appreciate for one type by doing a marathon of reviews on teas of the same classification. Today’s review focuses on the Jungpana FTGFOP 1 CL First Flush 2014 Darjeeling tea from the Jungpana Organic Tea Estate, and another thank you… Read More

Moving along through the samples of South Korean tea, courtesy of Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estates. Today’s review will focus on the Organic Jaksul Chut Mool Green Tea. This tea is certified organic by the USDA and Korea. For more information about Hankook Tea, visit their website here. The leaves of this Organic Jaksul Chut Mool are selected from both the first flush (Sejak) and second flush (Joongjak) harvests. The leaves… Read More

Alright, I am going to make this review brief, because it is Friday at 4:15 PM, and I want to get out of my office to start the weekend. Any reader of this blog knows that I am always happy to review the excellent quality teas provided by Lochan Teas Limited. Today’s Sourenee FTGFOP 1 First Flush is one of those excellent products, and I would once again like to thank the… Read More

Here is another sample from Easy Tea Hard Choice, so you know it’s going to be good. This sample is an Organic Roasted Oolong from Mingjiang, Taiwan. Sadly, I do not have much information available on this specific tea. However, simply reading the name has me excited. Two words is all that it takes, “Roasted” and “Oolong” and that is all the information I need! The sample packet has been opened, and… Read More