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Today, I will be focusing on the Jade Tea from the Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership. This is an organically grown high mountain green oolong tea. The raw tea leaves are harvested from the TTES # 12 (Jin Xuan) cultivar. The Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership is located in Bhan Khun Wang, Tambon Mae Win, Amphoe Mae Wang, Chiang Mai Province, north Thailand. The garden cultivates only five acres (2.02 hectares) of land, and… Read More

Finally, back to tea reviews! I am looking forward to getting to more of these more often again, having been overwhelmed with other personal and business obligations for the past couple of months. I have some Darjeeling second flushes coming, as well as one Darjeeling specialty tea from Jungpana Tea Estate. I also have the quality season black teas from Uva Greenland Estate in Sri Lanka coming soon. To finish things off… Read More

Here is a relatively new style of oolong tea that has been gaining some attention in the health and nutrition fields recently. This is the Gabaron Oolong Tea from Daokrajai Lanna Fine Teas, sourced from a tea estate in the area outside of Chiang Rai City in northern Thailand. What is different about Gabaron (or GABA) teas? During processing, the tea leaves are flushed with nitrogen gas, causing the level of GABA… Read More

The focus of today’s review is the Suwirun Green Tea from Daokrajai Lanna Thai Teas. This is the highest quality green tea offered by Daokrajai. Two notes for today’s review. First, I still do not have complete function of my nose. The weather and temperatures in Pittsburgh have varied by nearly 30°F from day to day, and my sinuses are not appreciating the diversity. If the aroma descriptions are a bit broad, please… Read More

The clock was showing around 10:00 PM by the time I had a moment to sit down and relax for some tea. My body was begging for as good of a sleep as possible, so I reached for one of the many herbal tisane samples that I had received recently. The packet with the name Jiao Gu Lan was most appealing to me. This packet of Jiao Gu Lan was provided by… Read More

Next on the review agenda is the Pai Red Tea from Daokrajai Lanna Thai Teas. Many of the pertinent details of Daokrajai Lanna Thai Teas may be found in last evening’s review of the Jing Shuan Oolong. Scroll down a post to read more about Daokrajai. Let the journey begin… The dry leaves are a uniform black color with light brown stems. The leaves are small to medium sized fragments. There are… Read More

A Review of the Jing Shuan Oolong from the Daokrajai Tea Plantation in northern Thailand is Available Here.