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Monthly Archives: September 2013

On September 30th of 2013, my journey through the world of tea tasting took me to Chi-Lai Mountain, in the Lee Tea Estates in Lugu, Taiwan. This sample of High Mountain Guei Fei Oolong was provided by Easy Tea Hard Choice Co. Ltd. To order your own 25 gram sample of this tea, please visit Easy Tea Hard Choice by clicking here. This high mountain oolong was grown at elevations over 2,000… Read More

On September 29th of 2013, I attended a Japanese Tea Ceremony in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania. The performance was organized by Margaret Harris, owner of Margaret’s Fine Imports and head organizer for the Pittsburgh Tea Club Meetup group. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, and are interested in joining the Pittsburgh Tea Club, which I also co-organize, please check out the Meetup page here. To visit Margaret’s website and view the many… Read More

UPDATE: The Mount Ali Milk Oolong Tea from Hē Chá Tea is now available for purchase at The Tea Journeyman Shop! Click Here to view and purchase this pure, unflavored Jin Xuan oolong tea! On September 27th of 2013, my journey through the world of tea tasting took me to the Ali Mountains of Chiayi County, Taiwan. I am proud to say that this tea is the first of my new brand of… Read More

This week was dedicated to cupping and analyzing ten teas that were a part of a World Tea Academy course that I am participating in. Now that those cupping assignments and the final exam have been completed successfully, it is time to get back to my normal reviews. Thanks to Tealet Teas ( http://www.tealet.com ) and Easy Tea Hard Choice ( http://www.eztea-tw.com ), I have no shortage of high quality tea reviews… Read More

For lunch today, my family and I went to my preferred Chinese restaurant in Cranberry Township. I made my usual beverage order of hot tea. I have been quite certain for some time that they serve Da Hong Pao oolong, or something very similar. I was correct on that assumption. However, confirming my hunch was shortly forgotten, as a much more interesting conversation had been sparked with the waitress. The waitress is… Read More

On September 19 of 2013, my journey through the world of tea tasting brought me back to mainland China. The subject of my review is the Black Oolong Tea, provided by the Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Industry Co. Ltd. Unfortunately, I have no specific information on this Black Oolong tea. As I opened the sample bag, the first thing I noticed was a woody, roasty, almost bakey scent that is similar to a… Read More

Generally speaking, I prefer to enjoy my lunch free of distractions and business talk. However, on days like today, the business related call made me forget all about lunch. Today, I received news that a popular local coffee shop chain has agreed to carry my new line of loose teas. My initial reaction was pure happiness and excitement. My next thought was … “I need to order a lot more tea!” More… Read More

You may have noticed that I have been falling behind over the past few weeks in posting tea reviews. I know you are eager to read about my journey, and I apologize for the frustration of not having daily reading material. However, it is for good reason that I have not been spending as much time writing review posts. I have been keeping details hidden while I considered the best way of… Read More

On September 18th of 2013, my tea tasting journey took me to one final visit to Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi, Taiwan. Hopefully this will not be my last taste of the fantastic black teas that Sun Moon Lake produces, but my first round of samples from Easy Tea Hard Choice has been finished. Thankfully, a new round of high mountain oolongs just got shipped, but I will leave those details for… Read More

On September 12th of 2013, my journey through the world of tea tasting had me return to Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. This sample was provided by Easy Tea Hard Choice Co. Ltd. This particular artisanal black tea was produced by Dong Feng Black Tea in Nantou, Taiwan. The cultivar that produces the leaves for this tea is known as TTES18, and was developed by the Taiwan Tea… Read More